28 February 2018

I Miss Blogging

Blogging, I miss it. When I was in the middle of my teenage years, around 2005, only a couple of years before social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr I was very active in the bloggers world. I had a personal blog on a dutch bloggers website and posted blog posts about everything I loved or what was going on in my life. It was more like an online diary. I loved it.

Ever since social media became a "thing" I lost my drive to blog, because a 140 character tweet is so much easier than making a blog post. Reblogging something on Tumblr or Pinterest is so much easier than posting it yourself. Videos and photos are so much more fun to watch/do than writing things down. I started to share things on five different pages instead on just one: a blog. But somehow I still miss it. I still miss writing down everything. I still miss posting things on one place, I just need to make time for it and not be so strict about everything. I keep quitting the blogging thing because I feel like my posts are not good enough (oh hi fear of failure, nice to meet you again!) but to be honest, what's wrong with posting whatever you like?

I'm gonna turn blogger as my homepage of my browser so it will remind me to just blog, no matter what!