29 August 2017

Couch To Marathon: the start.

I must confess, the title of this blog is a tiny bit of a lie. I am not coming straight from the couch to start my marathon journey, I've been on and off running ever since April 2015. I get motivated for a couple of weeks, manage it to keep it up for a couple of weeks, then don't run for an entire month or so. But how am I supposed to run a full marathon if I am not gonna stay motivated? What WILL keep me motivated? That's something I asked myself and I think my answer is sharing the journey with everyone else. Sharing the ups and the downs, the whole journey of this multiple-year plan. Because no, I have no date set up for my full marathon yet.

Why not, I hear you ask. Well, I am a slow runner. My average pace makes me finish after the official cut-off time. Not too drastically, I never got pulled off the road for being too slow, but I did end as one of the very last runners multiple times. That means I am far from fast enough to complete a full marathon because I surely can't keep up the same pace for 42.195km, can I? Getting a stronger base is what's more important in first place. Running a 5k in 35 minutes and running a 10k in about a hour and 10 minutes are my first "main goals" before I will sign up for my first half marthon. :)

My current running stats:
I copied this straight off Nike+ (add me over there if you want to, my name is Assieyeah just like everywhere else on the internet). So far I ran 326,05km. If you just start running it seems like a lot, but this is from the last 2,5 years. Not many kilometers a year if you ask me! My fastest km isn't right either, that was measured the day my gps didn't work so my Nike+ Running app automatically switched to movement mode. It made me feel fast though, but it was more likely to be somewhere between 7 and 8 minutes per kilometer. My fastest 10k is actually within an official race limit, difference is: I never ran it during a race.

My plan:
My plan is to start over with a couch to 5km training plan. Back to the basics, back to square one. I will start the beginners plan from Run2day. I don't think this will be super challenging but I need to get into that running mood again and I hope this will help me. After I finished that plan I will move on to their 5-10km plan and so on. As soon as I can run a full 10km without walking inbetween again I will treat myself with a brand new pair of running shoes. I own my current running shoes since the end of 2015 and even if you don't run on them - they still get old. My plan is to make a weekly update about this, either as a blog post or as a video, or a combination of both.

When will I start?
Tomorrow, Wednesday the 30th of August. My first plan was actually to start yesterday, but somehow the temperature rised that high the last two days (upto 30 degrees) so for someone who didn't properly run for a while it is not smart to run with these temperatures. Tomorrow the temperature will get lower to 21 degrees and with autumn around the corner I don't see a lot of difficult weather coming up. (except from some autumn storms, but over here there might be only one or two).

Come follow this journey with me, let's get me from the couch to that marathon!

13 August 2017

I Miss Blogging

Blogging, I miss it. When I was in the middle of my teenage years, around 2005, only a couple of years before social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr I was very active in the bloggers world. I had a personal blog on a dutch bloggers website and posted blog posts about everything I loved or what was going on in my life. It was more like an online diary. I loved it.

Ever since social media became a "thing" I lost my drive to blog, because a 140 character tweet is so much easier than making a blog post. Reblogging something on Tumblr or Pinterest is so much easier than posting it yourself. Videos and photos are so much more fun to watch/do than writing things down. I started to share things on five different pages instead on just one: a blog. But somehow I still miss it. I still miss writing down everything. I still miss posting things on one place, I just need to make time for it and not be so strict about everything. I keep quitting the blogging thing because I feel like my posts are not good enough (oh hi fear of failure, nice to meet you again!) but to be honest, what's wrong with posting whatever you like?

I'm gonna turn blogger as my homepage of my browser so it will remind me to just blog, no matter what!