11 januari 2019

Is it time to switch to Dutch?

I may only have posted one blog post on this blog, which was on December 31st 2018, but I feel like it is about time to switch to my native language; dutch. Let me explain this all.

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I've been blogging on and off since 2005. Mainly personal stories on old dutch blogging website that now don't exist anymore. Teenage me was really active with blogging, I posted daily and had quite a few readers. Back then Twitter and Instagram didn't exist and earning money with blogging did not exist either.

In my twenties some things changed. I got social media and had a lot of connections in England, posted in English on all other accounts, became really into English bands, and even had a dream of moving to England some day. I could reach people all over the world like this, so I wanted to blog in English. The truth is, I kept falling off the band wagon.
I am a perfectionist, and perfectionism and not writing in your native language doesn't always go well together. Expressing myself in English is harder than I thought, and before I post a blogpost I read it over, and over, and over, and over again, making sure I don't make weird grammar mistakes and got things translated the right way. I keep making 'fresh starts' but am never satisfied with what I post. It is very, very time consuming and it doesn't make me happy anymore.

Does it really matter if my blogs are in dutch, but my tweets are in English? I don't think so. On instagram I can put both dutch and English in the caption. YouTube is a whole different story: I prefer to make "Document Your Life" videos only at this point, so there is no language switch over there. Vlogging is not really my cup of tea, and won't be my cup of tea in the near future. My domain name is "https://www.assieyeah.nl". Dot NL, yes. It makes more sense for me to use it as a dutch blog. It also helps me to come up with new posts, work more productive and find happiness in blogging again as if it is 2005 all over again, but me being fourteen years older.

Are you a blogger with a different native language than English? Have you ever been in conflict with yourself about writing in your native language or not? How did you make this decision? I'm curious!

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